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Hi visitor of my site.

I'm Cinderella Snijders and married to Hans.
Together we share one passion, the Bullmastiff.

We are the proud parents of three beautiful sons and live in a small town called Lopik in the middel of the Netherlands. Lopik is about 20 kilometers under Utrecht.

Our passion started 14 years ago when we welcomed our first bullmastiff, Bono, in our house. 
As this breed is addictive, our passion has gotten a little out of hand.

At this moment we have four bully's living with us in our house. 
We have two brindle and two red bully girls. 
We do not believe in kennels en we want our dogs to grow up with our kids and live with our family.

Occasionally we breed a litter.
What besides a very busy time is, every time also a great experience for us is.

We are a members of the Dutch Bullmastiff Club (BMCN) and we breed according to their rules and regulations.

I wish you a lot of fun on my site and if you have any questions, please call or email me.





Cinderella Snijders-Joosen
T: +31 (0)348-553950